Burnout Self-help: Strengthen the body in 21 minutes

Suffering form burnout and stress? A new therapy helps.

A holistic energy-therapy for regeneration and prevention purposes suitable for both comfortable usage at home and at work.

Oxygen is what keeps us alive. Humans inhale 21 percent oxygen with every breath and exhale about three quarters of it again unused. This means that the organism is only making use of a quarter of the oxygen in the air. This is why mouth-to-mouth-resuscitation is possible. As we get older, when we are ill or suffering from stress (burnout) or sleeping disorder, when we lack energy or exercise and have an unbalanced diet then there is increasingly less oxygen available to the body’s cells to aid the metabolism.

“We cannot change our body but we can change the air we breathe”, says Guido Bierther, founder of Airnergy AG in Hennef, Germany. Airnergy has developed a technology which uses one of the nature’s processes, i.e. photosynthesis in green leaves. The technology works without increasing the amount of oxygen or ionising it and it does not add any extraneous substances like ozone etc.  It is the biological importance of respiratory oxygen for cell regeneration in general which explains why Airnergy has the effects it has.
The so called spirovital therapy is a natural remedy and also causes a stir of interest among experts from orthodox medicine.

Balbir Singh, physiotherapist and former trainer of Michael Schumacher supports the spirovital therapy. “Airnergy helps the human body to absorb more energy from respiratory air. The air we breathe contains more energy than we can imagine”, Singh confirms. Prof. Dr. med. Klaus Jung, today’s head of Airnergys’ scientific council, lead the department for sports medicine (prevention and rehabilitation) of Johannes-Gutenberg-University in Mainz, Germany for 25 years. Jung, who has extensive experience in the field of competitive and popular sports, has evaluated available facts and figures of Airnergy success. Due to this analysis and his own experience with the Airnergy method he sees a potential of the spirovital therapy to be used against the burnout syndrome both as efficient prophylaxis and therapy. He sees this potential because Airnergy can be used by people from almost every age and is easy to handle in everyday life. It is possible to operate the device at home or in the office and in this respect Airnergy is a good investment in one’s own health or in the health of employees respectively.

The Airnergy devices are available in two levels of performance and different designs. In the year 2010 the model “Avant Garde”, design “crystal” was presented with the European Health & Spa Award in the category “Best Technical Product Innovation”. The model “Mecial Plus” was officially registered as a medical device.
For health prevention in a company or at home the model “Professional Plus” is a classic.
While breathing trough a nasal cannula or headset for just 21 minutes the human body absorbs energy. This stimulates regeneration, concentration, fitness and the level of endurance.

The German celebrity and singer Herbert Grönemeyer described his experiences as follows: “Airnergy has the paradox ability to refresh and calm down at the same time. It is a stimulating and activating device which I do not want to miss anymore. I am proud to be AIRnergized”